Town Clerk

Town Clerk

Lydia Morales

Town Clerk & Events Coordinator


Town Clerk

The Town Clerk provides a historical record of the governing body of Gate City; prepares and distributes the Town Council Agenda and minutes of all meetings. He/She is charged with the duty of keeping all of the official records for the Town.  The Town Clerk is the custodian of the corporate seal of the town and all official town documents.

Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all of the details required to ensure that events within the Town provide an enjoyable experience for the community and visitors.  The Events Coordinator ensures that these events encompass the culture, scenic views, and unique assets within the Town of Gate City.  The Events Coordinator directs all meetings concerned with the planning of these events, creates social media content and other forms of advertising to draw in customers and visitors to our local businesses and events, and advocates for grants, contests and other monetary avenues that would enhance and assist in funding the overall attractiveness of the events and the Town itself.  The Events Coordinator communicates and collaborates with civic organizations, businesses, tourism groups and sponsors to engage the community and create events that will combine the resources present within our area.

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